About Author

Rami Schwartz

Get ready to understand, explain and manipulate your space like you’ve never done before. To reveal the hidden code common to your essence and politics, music and economics, color and sports, religion and nutrition.

In this tri dimensional world everything, mass and energy, thoughts and intentions, particles and ideas, all move along in three axis over time and UCube will explain why and how.

And when your mind gets it, it will be free.

This book is the best investment you can do in your growth. It will provide a model to analyze your problems and identify their essence, to organize your thoughts into concrete solutions and to predict their outcome with a lot more accuracy.

By understanding the rules that govern everything, the games you need to play to advance yourself and the motives that move you, you will harvest results you never knew you could achieve.

Sometimes, we need to question the most evident, challenge the obvious, go beyond preconceived notions to ask the right questions and spark game-changing innovation. This is what Rami Schwartz did, through experience and observations, he abstracted a powerful model of thought that decodes de DNA of human knowledge.

This book reveals a new universal language, easy, understandable to everyone, common to all mankind, so easy and beautiful that even a child can understand. This book lays the foundation of the theory of the “tri dimensional human being” and explains, with colors and music, with the assistance of I-Ching and Love, how it gives meaning to our lives.

So get ready to change your life and that of your loved ones, get ready for uCube.