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Can a human being survive in the fourth dimension?

The core of the scientific method is to start with a thesis, create an antithesis and after confronting them, arrive to a synthesis that incorporates both. uCube will help students create thesis, from the essence of the variables of those thesis, create the antithesis and finally, uCube’s biggest power, it will create blend elements of both into the synthesis.

What this means is that uCube is probably, the most powerful learning tool available today, because it teaches students to think. It allows them to choose the problems, the variables, to define their essence, how they interact, to calculate paradigms, to build scenarios, to create algorithms and finally, to turn all into plans and strategies and even execute them.

uCube provides the students with a set of tools that allow them to map, locate and understand events in space and time in a fun and creative manner. It gives them tools to create stunning presentations, to illustrate, in a few cubes, entire sets of ideas. It dissects the problems allowing the students to understand their essence and tackle them efficiently. It makes math fun for the artist and art fun for the mathematician, further, it makes math an art for the artist and art a math for the mathematician.

We have comprehensive academic plans that range from two day intensive seminars, to full semester programs. We encourage academic institutions to adopt the uCube courses early in the preparation of their students, to give them this powerful intellectual tool through the rest of their tenure in the institution.

For more information on our academic services  for students ages 6-99, please fill the form and we will be happy to reach out.

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Can a human being survive in the fourth dimension? The core of the scientific method…
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