The Tridimensional Language of Reality

All inside this world is tri dimensional so as human knowledge. Since before we are born, we are programmed to understand and act in three dimensions.

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Have you ever asked yourself why the world has three dimensions and not two or four? Why time passes? Why identical circumstances yield different outcomes in diverse eras? Sometimes, we need to question the most evident, challenge the obvious, go beyond preconceived notions to ask the right questions and spark game-changing innovation.

Chapter 1:

Why A Cube?A 3D Model for a Tri-Dimensional

Everything you’ll read on this book, you’ve known it all along, it was just so obvious, you never stopped to question yourself why?. uCube is not an invention, it’s a discovery, a portrait, in “black and white”, of things you’ve known since before you were born. This Chapter explains how we stump into this.

Chapter 2:

The dna Of Human Knowledge

In this chapter we explain the minimum common denominator of everything that surrounds us and that is the tri dimensional space. By understanding the forces that interact in the tridimensional space, you will understand the flow of all the events in your life and what parts of your essence are shared with everything that surrounds you.

Chapter 3:

Mathematics of the

This book proves that everything is related, that everything shares the same essence. This is what philosophers sought for ages. But the connections are not evident, they can’t be seen, so we must explain them using scientific tools. We must root this theory on solid scientific foundations and that is what we do on this chapter.

Chapter 4:

The Color Cube

When we claim that “everything” is related and shares the same essences, we mean everything, including colors. We found in the color theory a very strong confirmation of the model. In this chapter we use colors both to explain the model and prove its validity outside the physical world.

Chapter 5:

Musical Cube

Just as colors and everything that surrounds us is tridimensional, so is music. Just as in the previous chapter, Music is used both to explain and confirm the validity of the model. In the process, you will learn so much about music in a few minutes that you will be able to testify as to the power of the tool.

Chapter 6:

The cube of I Ching

Confucius and Sun Tzu both played with uCube without knowing it. So did Freud, Newton, Popper and Soros. On this chapter we will use the methodology of uCUbe to build the eight trigrams or Bagua, that is the basis of I-Ching and much of the oriental philosophy.

Chapter 7:

The Cube of Conscience

Conscience is the utmost realm for a human. For a person, the highest triumph, the ideal to conquer is to cultivate his conscience. When the conscience is cultivated, all the essences that are important align as an individual. As a member of his society and as the main actor in his projects.

Chapter 8:

Karma Cube

Throughout the book we establish the importance of moving always in three dimensions and the risks associated with acting in two. This third dimension is both origin and destination, governing and resulting and thus defines costs and benefits, winners and losers. This chapter explains how good karma makes you a winner while bad karma makes you a looser.

Chapter 9:

Mafia vs State
A real life example

In this chapter we use uCube to analyze and dissect a real-life example of a cancer spreading in many countries around the world. uCube explains why and how Organized Crime has created states within states and how this cancer threatens the stability of the world.

Chapter 10:

The Cube of Love.
Seven easy steps to master the model

In this chapter, we release the model to you and encourage to analyze and dissect a problem that is understandable to all humans that is “LOVE”. Love, as described by Robert Sternberg, will be the vehicle to make you use uCube to understand and tackle your first problem, Love.